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Homeschool for below the age of 6-7?

November 8th, 2011 at 02:31 am

So, I hate to say this, but despite dealing with overpriced cupcakes etc, I am not happy at all with the program for the kids after paying almost $200 per week, along with totally B.S parenting obligations. So, I think I will take them out and teach them at home with a guided curiculum for the next couple of years, of course with extracuricular activities so they interact and develop social skills with other kids. Aside from the around $800/per month/near $9,000/per year, I have really had it! If anyone knows of a place to start or look into for various curiculums, please kindly let me know. Just like the past year where I am facing the truth about money, crappy friends, my future, it is now the same reality with my kids/educational results and stressSmile

Really...do I have to do everything?

November 4th, 2011 at 01:06 am

So, despite doing the full time mom/maid/chef thing during the day (minus the two half days kids are in school), working evenings, and trying to climb out of debt, I am running into some, well, incompetance with the hubby. I went to work this evening only for a few hours and all I asked him to do was "Change the kids bed sheets, put new ones on, and give them a bath." I came home and only one kid was bathed, the other one was still up coloring, one bed was changed, but no new sheets and he said he did some dishes (a few cups). Wow, this is not fun and while I pointed out that he didn't really help me or do the things I asked, he stormed off somewhere. So it makes me wonder if I should hire a college or high school kid to help at maybe $10 an hour 1-2 times a week/4 hours total to watch the kids while I do the rest around the house? It has been like this for sometime now, hubby thinks all he has to do is got to work and come home. I would be spending $40, but wonder if it's worth it or try and cut some corners elsewhere?

It's Been 6 Months...

November 1st, 2011 at 01:02 am

It's been half a year...I stopped writing half a year ago due to feeling stuck, down, and just plain depressed about having to deal with the pain of facing all this debt. I apologize for just going "MIA" and leaving, but it was too hard to face, even the only support I have ever had through this time. I always thought of you guys through the past 6 months, but had a hard time dealing with everything in my life that comes with massive debt. I realized if it is hard now, it will be harder when I am older like my parents and worse, which of course spiraled down into a deeper bad feeling. Wth the expense of my brother's wedding (when I wrote last) and everything on top of it...I decided to seek a family counselor to help me a little.
I have worked my butt off working the evenings. WE ARE FINALLY "CURRENT" with our Mortgage TODAY!!! Most items are lower, but some have gone up after we put them on the back burner for the house. Nonetheless I am trying to work through it. I hope you are all well and thank you so much at the beginning of all this. There was no way without anyone's support I would have even seeked a new job or help.

Best and Back Soon!

I Heart my Hubby, just not Heart Candy and Cards

February 11th, 2011 at 02:01 am

My husband and I agreed not to get eachother anything this year for Valentine's Day, except for making cup cakes. However, I spent more on kiddo#1's whole class because tomorrow we are supposed to bring in cards etc so the kids can fill special Valentine's day bags for Monday. I spent $3.99 for heart candy boxes and $5.49 for those little cards. I thought about having my kid make them, but don't want to look like the cheapskate parent that makes cards out of old art etc, which I really thought about doing. I know... it will only get more expensive from here on. Anyway,I also got prescribed generic antiobiotics for a sinus infection $5.55,got generic Pedialyte $3.99/on sale, 1/2 off second $1.99/sale, and pediapops (clearly my kiddo still likes to keep me on edge with the barf, hence this mornings living room fiasco). So, for today all I can say is that....I heart my hubby, just not heart candy and cards.

Todays purchases...adventure and barf

February 8th, 2011 at 02:51 am

Today was very busy. I was able to get the kiddos out of the house and the oldest to school on time (rare), come home, iron hubbies shirt for a teaching interview, do dishes, make snacks, get the salt/dirt washed off car, but the bristelly, blue, car washer thingy knocked off the side mirror (that was already appoxied on due to me hitting a side fence parking the car with the snow in the way). Anyway, went to walgreens for the following:

-$5.79 (walgreens brand cold/sinus medicine)
-$3.79 (duct tape to tape the side mirror back on until next round of apoxy?)
-$0.00 (diapers, had free diaper credit/coupon sent in mail.)
-$15 Margaritas (just got charged for drinks and not food, had to leave early).

Then I picked up oldest from school, somewhat embarassed due to the amateur duct tape job on side mirror. I got both kiddos home,fed,then picked up hubby to drive to possible teaching job/interview, hubby most likely got job, then on the way home delt with barfy older child in the back seat of the car...called pediatrician and she has some kind of gastro/stomach bug that's going around. We stopped off at Margaritas restaurant, the only one on the side of a very long interstate, got kiddo changed out of barfy clothes, went inside to the restaurant thinking she was car sick at the time, then delt with her barfing on the table in the middle of the restaurant after we ordered. We canceled our meals, I quickly drank my salt rimmed margarita, paid, and am now home. The kiddos are in bed, but at least I was left with a walgreens -$1 coupon for a next purchase of Suave product. woohoo, off to bed.

My bills, stacks, misc piles, and some stickers

February 3rd, 2011 at 09:15 pm

I am on a mission... This is my first blog and my first step in getting to the truth about my debt. Right now my desk has bills, stacks, and misc piles of magazines, newspapers, random receipts, and kids stickers. I can't take it anymore and decided to tackle the many problem piles that I have (AKA the many problems that I'm dealing with)I have to tackle what I will call the "Truth Piles."
It's going to be scary facing the phone bill that reads Due:$366 or the past due water,electric, and many other past due bills.sigggggggggggggh. However, the burden has become much greater than the pain of facing these sharp, square, pieces of paper that tell me I'm a delinquent. Here I go... I'll list all my past due bill numbers later, but it will take a while. I'll have to give myself a sticker as a reward in the end. Perhaps if it works for my kids potty training it will work for meSmile