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Clothesaeology (clothing archaeology)

February 19th, 2011 at 02:56 am

I realized that I have a lot more clothes than I thought. I have been going on a "Clean out the Closet" rampage. Apparently, I already let out the debt skeleton...eeeeeeeeeh.lol. However, as I cleaned out the coats, shirts, and misc scarves on random hangers, the ironing board fell out! Clearly, I don't iron that much. However, behind it was a HUGE stack of shirts in the "I'll iron these when I have time" pile. I went through them and wow, I have more shirts than I remembered...even a few nice, white, linen ones for the summer. I also have some really outdated items too. My husband also has a lot of collard shirts, which is weird since he doesn't need them for work. Anyway, I also took out the next round of toddler clothes for kiddo #2, which was nice since I didn't know I had them in the bin of hand me downs. It's silly, but I feel like an archaelogist digging up things that I either forgot about or neglected on my life. My goal is to get my family's winter wardrobe set for next year. I am also on a hunt for some classic black boots since the ones I got from target fell apart this winter. I also ended up returning the brown ones to LLBean, they will take back any item for any reason, which is nice. Every winter we are the most broke, but clothes are the most needed for everyone. I am hoping to stock up on things this year by buying only classic looking pieces. However, I noticed that the Salvation army prices are the same as some things at Old Navy, which is weird. Other than that I bought costco baby wipes $18.99, a few more winter items from walmart $32 (but I am debating on whether or not I should take the coats back and look at other places), and $5 for costco hot dogs.

Homemade playdough and books

February 13th, 2011 at 03:56 am

Today our plan was to go to the farmers market, but life got in the way and we changed our day to something less complicated (due to the kiddos). We ended up going to the library, playing, and getting some books. I also made some home made play dough for the first time and kiddo #1 loved it! I could not believe how much 2 cups of flour make. My husband and I chuckled that we had been paying at least $4 or more on it for a while and that this cost less than $1. Anyway, it was a good family day in that we got some chores done and hopefully we can make it next week. I'll be going grocery shopping tomorrow with a short list since we still have food left over from last weeks shopping. A pretty mellow Saturday, but nice.

Returned the Hearts Candy

February 12th, 2011 at 03:08 am

Yesterday I bought hearts candy for my kiddos Valentines day/Cards etc. However, I noticed I had a huge bag of lolipops in the pantry (those little ones that are like the dum dums, but a different brand). I used those and taped a couple to the Valentines day cards. So, I returned the hearts candy and got +$3 back, but went in the red by -$.50 by buying a bagel/cream cheese, and coffee at my kiddos pre-school's cafe area. I'm pretty tired from being sick and ran a few minutes late already getting the kiddo to school (I know a lazy excuse, but I'm gonna use itSmile Anyway, on the good news, I will be going to Hay market tomorrow with my hubby and 2 kids. It's Boston's super cheapo farmers market, but Boston style... you get bitched at if you bag the fruits/vegies yourself at the stand... they pick them for you, so you gotta watch out which vendors you go to so you don't get almost expired food. My husband and I want to find different fruits for the kiddos to try out and make it an adventure! I also got museum passes for Sunday from the librarySmile

I got paid and skipped going out.

February 10th, 2011 at 04:14 am

So, my working out of home business is slow, but I got a check for $30 and $10/cash! I'll have to deposit this, but that feels great. I did want to do the usual take the kiddos and me to lunch after I picked up kiddo 1 from school. I made a lunch and we ate it in the cafe area of her school after I got her instead. It was really hard after getting in the car though. It sounds silly, but I drove by the restaurant we usually go to, actually circled it twice thinking if we should go or not...I drove us to the library instead. However, I did make purchases today, just not on a big lunch like usual.
-$2.99 milk
-$ 4.99 food coloring (to make play dough)
-$ 4.59 cream of tartar (to make play dough)
-$1.55 coffee/cafe at kiddos school

So, I am only hoping that the food coloring and cream of tartar will pay off for making play dough since buying play dough at target is usually 5 or up and lasts about a week before my kiddo leaves it or hides it with her kitchen/play food.
Anyway,I checked out 2 books about money from the library:
"The Cheapskate Next Door"
"The Busy families Guide to Money"

Also, we spend $20/per month on Netflix. We don't have cable so this was originally why we got it. should we cancel this and do library check outs only instead?