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Homeschool for below the age of 6-7?

November 8th, 2011 at 02:31 am

So, I hate to say this, but despite dealing with overpriced cupcakes etc, I am not happy at all with the program for the kids after paying almost $200 per week, along with totally B.S parenting obligations. So, I think I will take them out and teach them at home with a guided curiculum for the next couple of years, of course with extracuricular activities so they interact and develop social skills with other kids. Aside from the around $800/per month/near $9,000/per year, I have really had it! If anyone knows of a place to start or look into for various curiculums, please kindly let me know. Just like the past year where I am facing the truth about money, crappy friends, my future, it is now the same reality with my kids/educational results and stressSmile

Reading the Dave Ramsey Book

February 14th, 2011 at 01:35 am

I also received the "Total Money Makeover" book by Dave Ramsey and also got the dvd on debt. Both are really inspirational and I like his hard hitting and no b.s points. The side stories of how people changed their spending and debt, much like this blog, are also very helpful. I am only about 1/3's into it, but am enjoying it very much. I'm also reading the "Cheapskate next door," which is also a fast and very funny book. Hopefully, both books will be done this week. If anyone has other book recomendations, please let me know.