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It's Been 6 Months...

October 31st, 2011 at 06:02 pm

It's been half a year...I stopped writing half a year ago due to feeling stuck, down, and just plain depressed about having to deal with the pain of facing all this debt. I apologize for just going "MIA" and leaving, but it was too hard to face, even the only support I have ever had through this time. I always thought of you guys through the past 6 months, but had a hard time dealing with everything in my life that comes with massive debt. I realized if it is hard now, it will be harder when I am older like my parents and worse, which of course spiraled down into a deeper bad feeling. Wth the expense of my brother's wedding (when I wrote last) and everything on top of it...I decided to seek a family counselor to help me a little.
I have worked my butt off working the evenings. WE ARE FINALLY "CURRENT" with our Mortgage TODAY!!! Most items are lower, but some have gone up after we put them on the back burner for the house. Nonetheless I am trying to work through it. I hope you are all well and thank you so much at the beginning of all this. There was no way without anyone's support I would have even seeked a new job or help.

Best and Back Soon!

11 Responses to “It's Been 6 Months...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I've thought of you, too! So glad to hear your mortgage is current. A roof over your head...something to be grateful for. I look forward to hear more from you.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Glad to hear from you again. Smile
    Keep on truckin' along. Having your mortgage current is a great step in the right direction.

  3. mamas debt time out Says:

    Thanks you guysSmile It's still kinda rough, we are going to use moneymanagement.org soon too to deal with the credit items. If anyone has had experience with this, please let me knowSmile

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    I don't have any experience with that company, but they seem to be a legitimate debt counseling agency, with an A+ rating from the BBB.

    I would suggest getting as much free advice as possible, but would encourage you to avoid any fees associated with them handling your payments to creditors. Or at least with their advice, try the plan on your own...for free. You need to keep every dollar you earn to get yourself back on the right track.

    Keep us informed as you work with them and we can let you know if there is a way to avoid some of the fees they might charge.

  5. scrappytappy Says:

    Glad to see you are headed in the right direction!

  6. Ima saver Says:

    Glad that you are back!

  7. monkeymama Says:

    Sounds like good progress!

  8. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Congrats on getting the mortgage current! That is a huge relief!

  9. mamas debt time out Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  10. -Jerry- Says:

    Good job getting that mortgage up to date, and you can lead yourself onward and upward from here. Remember that this website is ideally not only for people to talk about their successes, but also it serves as insurance of a reliable place for people to seek support and advice when times are rough. Hang in there!

  11. Campfrugal Says:

    Welcome back and yes, I have missed you.

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