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Things are surfacing, but I'm greatful

February 21st, 2011 at 07:22 pm

My husband and I continue to get things done and face projects we have had for a while, not just with finances, but even things around the house. After our closet was cleared, he installed the landline with a different phone that was needed. I even had a bag of clothes to donate and put it in the car so it doesn't sit stagnant. I also found a skirt that I had been looking for and was so excited to see it again! We finished calling the card companies and know where we stand. I have been reading the Dave Ramsey book and watching his dvd multiple times just to get his message ingrained in my system. We are faaaaaar from getting our debt paid off and will have to take baby step #1 and get the $1000 together. It's been fascinating to look back and think that before the kids and house,we were +12,000 (not including my student loan). After the house and two kiddos later, we are -$100,000. sighhhh. Anyway, on the the two faced mom update from a prior entry... it continues to surface, but I'm kind of glad. I actually dis-associated myself from the group and defriended the person. I feel like I am purging what I don't need and as I do it, things are surfacing and making room for what is needed. I feel blessed and know it's a little tough, but not as tough as it would have been if I continued on my old path.

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