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I Heart my Hubby, just not Heart Candy and Cards

February 10th, 2011 at 06:01 pm

My husband and I agreed not to get eachother anything this year for Valentine's Day, except for making cup cakes. However, I spent more on kiddo#1's whole class because tomorrow we are supposed to bring in cards etc so the kids can fill special Valentine's day bags for Monday. I spent $3.99 for heart candy boxes and $5.49 for those little cards. I thought about having my kid make them, but don't want to look like the cheapskate parent that makes cards out of old art etc, which I really thought about doing. I know... it will only get more expensive from here on. Anyway,I also got prescribed generic antiobiotics for a sinus infection $5.55,got generic Pedialyte $3.99/on sale, 1/2 off second $1.99/sale, and pediapops (clearly my kiddo still likes to keep me on edge with the barf, hence this mornings living room fiasco). So, for today all I can say is that....I heart my hubby, just not heart candy and cards.

1 Responses to “I Heart my Hubby, just not Heart Candy and Cards”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    My son is in his last year of elementary school. I was just thinking this week that I'll be SO happy when we're done with all of the class parties, etc!

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