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Growing kiddos, growing expenses...

February 17th, 2011 at 07:07 pm

I have been finding that a good chunk of clothes that my kids have been wearing around the house to play in they have outgrown a bit. I have the "Going out clothes" with out stains. Then I have the abundant amounts of "Home play clothes" that are smaller, ragged looking,stained,or falling apart. This is where all the laundry comes from! I noticed that I should have gotten rid of the things with those misc. holes and small tears that you wouldn't let anyone see your kiddos in. I have useless clothes that I let my kids get yucky and change them a lot and then have to do mucho laundry! They would also be useless to goodwill/salvation army. Anyway, my daughter has been wearing the same "Going out" outfits for a while and I try to alternate them so she doesn't wear them on the same days I drop her off at school. So, today I cleared out the old clothes and put the semi-decent ones in a storage bin for the..."just in case I have more kids" situation. I am finding that the older clothes (more than 18 months/2-3 years) are more expensive and less given as gifts when you have a baby (that's why now, I give people toddler/older kids clothes). The little clothes never get worn! I was also bummed to find out that a mom I had given a huge box of clothes to apparently gets/asks for clothes from everyone she knows who has older kids than hers. Then she sells or consigns them! I had some mixed feelings about it because she didn't really need them, but perhaps needs the money? Anyway, I just felt conflicted about it since I understand the money part. Anyway,I looked at ebay. The clothes seemed cheap, around $1 a piece, but then the shipping would be over $10-15! I was also suprised that craigslist charged prices that are around Old Navy/Target/Walmart. So...headed off to Walmart to buy the outfits on sale. $4.50 for a two piece was pretty good. Also got art supplies (kiddo is obsessed with painting), bandaids, glue sticks, and kitty litter. I spent $100.58 (clothes for 2 kiddos and the rest). Unfortunately, I felt a little bummed about the mom consigning the clothes, along with the caddy crappy mom I found out about...so I took us out to lunch and spent $21.60 and gorged on cheap chinese food. I know, kinda back to 2 weeks ago with shopping and eating. Today it was the eating that wasn't needed, kiddo clothes were needed, but I am sure I could have gotten less or more creative with getting them through other means. Anyway, I just had mixed feelings about the whole day. Tomorrow, another chanceSmile

4 Responses to “Growing kiddos, growing expenses...”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    I don't know how I feel about someone taking advantage of others' helpful spirit, to get free stuff so they can make a profit. I think that isn't in the spirit that the clothes were given to her. I think that crossed the line. There are a lot of moms who would really appreciate having free clothes. She has abused that trust.

    I am with you on the laundry. I buy all of my sons' clothes from the local thrift store (we are blessed with a good one). Usually, about $50 or so for an entire season. Right now they are in 2Ts and 5Ts. I'm afraid when they get older, it won't be so easy to buy them second hand wardrobes.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Well, if she took what she could use and sold the rest, that isn't so bad. Though I suppose to stay in the spirit she should have passed them on to someone else. If she really needs the income, though, and has the drive to market them, I wouldn't fault her. I feel like if you give something away, you shouldn't worry about what the person does with it -- it's theirs now!

    Now me -- I would be a lot more upset if she threw them away!

    Thrift shops are great source of kids' clothes, and when garage sales are in season you can really find great deals.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I had friends really turned off by freecycle because they gave away nice things and saw them being sold, etc. (like on craigslist).

    Anyway, I had to roll my eyes. The spirit of freecycle is to reuse stuff that would otherwise go to the trash. I don't think it's a really proper vehicle for charity (though have had people clearly grateful for things they REALLY needed, over the years). But I have never given away anything I could sell, personally. Wink
    This wasn't freecycle, but it's kind of the same concept. If you want to give to the truly needy, use the proper vehicle like a charity. Right or wrong, otherwise you just get burned.

  4. Jerry Says:

    I would prefer that stuff I give away gets USED by the people I give it to, and not have it lead to some kind of side business, but I guess there is no insurance short of asking for a waiver to be signed in advance... Smile Still, once it is given it's given, right? One less thing to worry about, I would imagine.

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