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My Day of Gratitude

February 13th, 2011 at 05:21 pm

Today was a wonderful day. I spent time with my family and a good family friend who loves my children as if they were her own since she doesn't have any. We went to the museum, which I had two free passes for, then used library passes for the other 2, which made the would be $18- tickets to $5 each. So, we spent $10 on admission and $10.25 on parking. The parking cost .25 more than admission! Our friend also happens to be an amazing chef with Asian foods, which I only wish I knew how to cook! (Um, can we say pasta at least once a week?lol) she gave us dumpling soup (homemade broth and dumplings), fresh spring rolls, and Valentines gifts for the kiddos. So I ended up spending $56.70 at the grocery store due to left over food we have and the large amount of food our friend cooked. A good chunk of it went toward my kiddo's Valentine's Day party that will happen tomorrow. I also ended up spending $10.41 on food/milk at the grocery store before going to the museum for our lunch at the museum. They have an eating area that's not part of the cafeteria/over priced food. I also made cupcakes with my kiddo #1 when we came home. I couldn't believe that the mix was only $1 and the frosting $1.50. She loved it! My hubby also apoxied the side mirror back on to the car. No more duct tape! All in all it was a really enjoyable day and I felt lucky and happy to be able to experience it with my family and good friend.

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