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Today's Purchases

February 5th, 2011 at 06:17 pm

I purchased items today, but for the first time it was more "Conscious" buying. I was actually fully aware of why I was purchasing the following items:

* 40lbs of Snow MeltFrownaka overpriced salt for porch and steps) -$16.99
* Snow Shovel (replacing 2 year shovel that just broke) -$11.99
* Dry Erase board (to write down the debts and to see it everyday in the office) -$10.63
* Hanging folders (to file the past due items) -$6.99
* Water Colors (for kiddo/been stuck inside due to snow and need to find things to do...) -$1.99
* Printing at staples (turning in copies of prior tax returns to show a deduction in salary for bank/reason for past due mortgage amounts, plus our printer would jam and the cost to replace it is more than copying) -$7.89
* 2 gallons of milk -$5 (for kiddos, cereal, coffee)
* under eye concealor (for puffy dark circles from crying due to debts, o.k just kidding...kinda, was running low and it was time to refill. Lack of sleep from kiddos, but still trying to look decent.) $4.49
* 2 pints of ice cream (sigggggggh. well...it did make me feel a little better for -$4)
* theraflu (getting a cold)-$4.99
* Hershey Bar (my husband got this while buying me theraflu) -$.89

TOTAL: -$78.85

Tomorrow, I am going grocery shopping with coupons, a bulk/menu plan for the week, which includes family meals, hubby lunches, kiddo school lunch, the youngest doesn't take a huge chunk with food, but sure seems to poop like it, the diapers make up for the lack of food (which I now have coupons for). My husband will also give me time to cook the bulk meals. I'm also taking a calculator this time and only paying with cash. I'm a little scared,but will try and make it fun too. My goal is to make the trip $80 instead of $100-150.

3 Responses to “Today's Purchases”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Well, I admire your purchase and use of concealer. I am just resigned to looking tired and washed up since the babies were born!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I have started using Garnier concealer and I love it!

    You got a better deal on the shovel than I did. I paid $14 -- but since they are selling out all over town I took what I could get.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Good luck with the grocery run. Meal planning really helps and so does cooking ahead when you have the time on keeping those groccery costs down.

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